2019 Update – Grimsthorpe Speed Trials

Hello from everyone at Vintage Speed Trials.

We had a very busy year last year, new event, new venue and a small but effective team. Everyone worked incredibly hard to provide an excellent event at Grimsthorpe Castle and although we were somewhat foiled by the Great British weather, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback.

As we enter the planning stages for this years event, weve taken into account all the feedback, both good and bad, and weve implemented some changes that should lead to an even more exciting day for drivers and spectators alike.

Working in conjunction with Grimsthorpe estate, weve been able to lengthen the track by about a quarter of a mile. This makes the entire track a little over 3/4 of a mile and allows the full double bend by the lake to be driven – watch out for the awkward camber!

After much discussion about spectator experience, we are moving the spectator line closer to the track – youll all be able to get much closer to the action, about 40 metres closer to be exact! In addition to this, we are providing transport down to the start so you can see the cars and motorcycles set off.

In order to make the day even more exciting, we are implementing a scoreboard which will enable spectators and drivers alike to keep an eye on the times and which vehicles are on the track. It will also allow the drivers to see what their track time was, should they decide to better it on their next run.

Last year, we felt our paddock was a bit out of the way, so weve moved it trackside. That way, we can all get up close and personal with the cars and watch them make their way onto the track for their run up.

Vintage Speed Trials are reducing the ticket price for the spectators and we have simplified the entry fee for drivers to include a passenger.

We hope that this will lead to a smoother event, albeit one with the same strong vintage speed trial aesthetic at its core.

We are all crossing our fingers for fine weather on the 24th August 2019!

Entries open March 1st (Entries close strictly 31st July)

Tickets go on sale May 1st here on the website.